How long is rehab for addiction?

Explain how substance abuse treatment works and how family interventions can work. Alcohol and Drug Addiction · Behavioral Health Treatment. Explains how substance abuse treatment works, how family interventions can be a first step to recovery, and how to help children from families affected by alcohol and drug abuse. As we discuss the drug and alcohol recovery timeline, some of the questions that come to mind are how long it takes to overcome an addiction, how long does rehabilitation last, and what factors may affect rehabilitation time.

People interested in getting addiction help at a drug rehab center often worry about the average duration of addiction treatment. The length varies according to multiple circumstances, making it difficult to determine an exact average length. We can tell you that, on average, people stay in treatment between 30 and 90 days. Brief treatment that includes detoxification, therapy, and supportive care may be effective for some people, but treating substance use disorders is a complex process that can last for years.

While it may seem desirable to pass rehabilitation as quickly as possible, research shows that extended rehabilitation stays lead to lower relapse rates. Many people who start professional addiction treatment will start the road to recovery with a period of detoxification. Detox is a general term used to describe the body's process of removing alcohol and other drugs from the system. While programs of at least 90 days are said to be the most effective, short-term rehabilitation still has a place in addiction recovery.

Inpatient rehabilitation centers are usually short-term residential treatment centers that provide constant care to people trying to stay sober. Depending on the specific addiction, treatment professionals will establish a plan for your rehabilitation program. While inpatient rehabilitation is measured in days or months, outpatient rehabilitation is measured in months or years. The South Beach Addiction Treatment Center is a 30-bed facility that provides short-term rehabilitation to adult men and women suffering from addictions.

Addiction treatment centers offer rehabilitation programs that care for people with various levels of physical and mental problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse. For example, a person who has struggled with cocaine addiction and suffers from schizophrenia would probably have to stay in rehab longer than someone dependent on marijuana without a co-occurring mental health disorder. The time it takes to explore the reasons behind an addiction is a factor that many patients should consider when wondering how long rehabilitation takes. Rehabilitation is unique to each person, and the length of stay depends on factors such as the severity of the addiction and the pace at which you progress.

Not only should the length of stay be taken into account when choosing an addiction rehabilitation center, but also the method of treatment should be considered. In a luxury addiction rehabilitation center, people often have access to many services; treatment also often incorporates holistic and alternative therapy techniques. Longer addiction rehabilitation programs also allow the patient more time to work with trained professionals to determine the most effective ways to understand and cope with their addiction. Inpatient or residential rehabilitation are terms used to describe any service that involves the person leaving home to live in the facility during their treatment.


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