Where does rehab addict rescue take place?

His new series focuses on eight homes in Detroit as homeowners, many of them overwhelmed, navigating renovations and turning to Curtis and his team for help. One house is in Indian Village, another in West Village and one in LaSalle Gardens. Each one-hour episode focuses on a different home. Of course, it's not possible for everyone to appear on the show, but just because you can't get on television doesn't mean you can't learn something from House Rehab Addict.

Nicole Curtis is certainly not new to the world of home renovation shows, but Rehab Addict Rescue is the first time she's done a show in a long time. Keep checking for updates and keep visiting “Rehab Addict Rescue Central” for additional updates, news, videos and more. The episodes of Rehab Addict and the first season of Rehab Addict Rescue are available on HGTV and can be streamed via Discovery+. Rehab Addict Rescue is still quite early in its first season, so the fact that there hasn't been a renewal announcement isn't too surprising.

Rehab Addict Rescue follows Nicole Curtis as she helps overwhelmed homeowners restore their historic homes to their original glory always with the goal of staying true to the period, history and architecture of the original homes. That's why he started performing right at the start of his long-running show, Rehab Addict on HGTV, which relaunched in January as Rehab Addict Rescue with eight new hour-long episodes of Curtis helping Detroit homeowners with their overwhelming home improvement projects. Unfortunately for all the people who expected to follow the show on social media, Rehab Addict Rescue doesn't have any account of its own.

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